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Full list of ebooks is available on AtoZ list.
List can be browsed by title, author, ISBN or publisher.

Human anatomy atlases online HERE.


IBUK Libra

Polish ebooks on IBUK Libra platform. List of titles pdf

Manual on how to use platform (in Polish).
Video manuals - IBUK Libra YouTube channel (in Polish).

Please note that using of IBUK Libra platform at home is possible only by proxy service, and not by PIN codes.

Users my suggest titles, which the Library hasn't purchase yet.

Fizjoterapia dzieci i niemowląt

Online version of "Fizjoterapia dzieci i niemowląt". Portal for physiotherapists containing exercises descriptions and video materials.

Please note that the access is available only in the Library by use of a login and a password held by the librarian.


MedicinesComplete publications

Clarke's Analysis of Drugs and Poisons
Dietary Supplements
Herbal Medicines
Martindale: The complete drug reference
Pharmaceutical Excipients
Stockley's Drug Interactions

Info about the platform and books.

AccessMedicine platform

AccessMedicine is an interactive platform allowing browse particular books, as well as federated search through the content of the whole database.

List of books available within the SUM network.

Database info, video instruction.


Science Direct ebooks

Full text books - multidisciplinary monographies, book series and textbooks. 


Springer ebooks

Springer kłódka

Rich collection of ebooks from Springer Publishing. 
Please note that the list of books available after ticking 
Include Preview-Only content on publisher website. 


Ebooks on Ebook Central platform (previously ebrary platform)

List of books available within the SUM network.

Quick Start Guide | Help | Videos - You Tube

Ebook Central contains selection of books from different areas of medicine. Service enables full text search, highlighting text, taking notes.


SUM Publishing ebooks 

Selected textbooks available in the Main Library and its branches.

All ebooks of SUM Publishing available on selected computers in the Main Library and its branches. 

In order to receive detailed information about access please contact preferred library. Ebooks available by this mode are allowed to be read only; copying, printing and downloading is not allowed.

SUM Publishing ebooks are available for purchase on the website of SUM Publishing.


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