Opening of Library in Zabrze-Rokitnica

zielona ksiazka ozdoba

After long holiday and maintenance break we are opening Library in Zabrze-Rokitnica on 19 Jordana Str.

Since now you may order books for borrowing in that location!

At the same time we inform you that on November 4th, 201we are going to open small reading room in Zabrze,  2 Traugutta Sqr., room 302.

Organizational changes in the library in Zabrze


We kindly inform you about planned organizational changes in the operation of our branches in Zabrze.
From October this year Reading Room in Zabrze-Rokitnica (Jordana 19 Str.) will take over the duties for the Zabrze. Library collection from Branch in Zabrze (Traugutta Sq.) will be transferred to the Reading Room in Zabrze-Rokitnica, where they will be accessible for lending.

Due to the above, from June 10th this year there will be changes in the operation of both branches.

  • the possibility to order books at the BG Branch in Zabrze is blocked;
  • books borrowed at the BG Branch in Zabrze can be returned till the end of June to the Reading Room in Zabrze-Rokitnica and from the beginning of July till the end of September in the Main Library in Katowice;
  • all books that were due to expire from July 1 to September 30 will be automatically extended until October 7.

During the holiday season, ie July-September, both the Branch in Zabrze and the Reading Room in Zabrze-Rokitnica will be closed!

Access temporarily restricted - July 31, 2019

We kindly inform you that on July 31, 2019 due to electrical work in the Main Library building, access to certain services will be temporarily restricted. Borrowing and returning books will be unavailable.

Services that websites will be periodically unavailable are: Aleph catalog and bibliography system Expertus. Also, some other systems may be temporarily unavailable. 

There will be no electricity in the building of the Main Library at Warszawska 14, but the library will be open - we are inviting into traditional reading rooms!

We apologize for inconvenience.

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