AccessMedicine training webinar

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We invite you to take advantage of the webinar about AccessMedicine platform, which is available for all SUM users.

Webinar will take place on April 28, 2021, 2-3 p.m. CEST (Warsaw) . Invitation and link to the webinar.

In the session, we will explore resources for a variety of users (clinicians,
residents, faculty, students), including:
• Key textbooks across medical fields
• Tools for remote learning, including LMS integration
• Cases with real-life patient scenarios
• Multimedia library, including procedural videos
• Self-assessment Q&A
• Drug monographs
• Features and benefits of a MyAccess profile
• User supports, including distance learning resources

Webinar will be in English.

Trial access to SAGE Publications

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We invite you to take advantage of the trial access to SAGE Publications.

Sage Journals

Science, Technology, and Medicine Packages (STM)
Provide access to 470+ journals, including leading international peer-reviewed titles, many of which are ranked in the Journal Citation Reports (Source: Clarivate, 2020)*, in three packages: STM, Health Sciences, and Clinical Medicine. SAGE offers more choices—all on one familiar platform—to better suit the demands of your consortium members for SAGE journal content.

The STM Package includes the following:

  • Access to 470+ journals, encompassing over 595,000 articles;
  • Over 56% of the package content is ranked in the Journal Citation Reports (Source: Clarivate, 2020)*;
  • Complimentary access back to 1999, where available, while a current subscription is maintained.

Sage Video

Nursing video collection
The new SAGE Video Nursing Collection features content aligned to support traditional baccalaureate and masters level nursing programs. This collection will support critical areas of nursing education that surpass the standard series on clinical skills presented in an array of demonstration, tutorial, and in practice videos. Designed to complement nursing clinical skills education, videos will help nursing students understand and treat the “whole patient” and be able to respond to the rapidly changing health care system.

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