Announcement for students of all faculties who graduate this semester!

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 In order to settle accounts with the library and close your library account, you should return books and pay all fines and fees.

How may I check my library account?
By logging in to the library system/catalogue (My Library Card/Loans and Fine+fees) as well as in one of the SUM libraries by telephone.
How can I pay financial liabilities for the Library?
Only via the online payment system after logging into your account in the library system/catalogue.
How to return books?
Due to the closure of the Libraries, please return books to the drop box, located at the Branch of Library in Katowice-Ligota. All books can be returned to the drop box, regardless of which library they were borrowed from.

CABI Global Health trial access

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Cabi Global Health

We invite you to take advantage of the CABI Global Health trial access.

Global Health is the only specialist bibliographic abstracting and indexing database dedicated to public health, completing the picture of international medical and health research by capturing key literature that is not covered by other databases. Derived from over 7,300 journals, reports, books and conferences, Global Health contains over 2.8 million scientific records from 1973 to the present. Around 190,000 records are added each year, and over 96% of these records include an English abstract. Publications from over 100 countries in 50 languages are abstracted, and all relevant non-English-language papers are translated to give access to research not available through any other database. The database's open serials policy and coverage of international and grey literature means that 40% of material contained in Global Health is unique to the database. Everything from proceedings, theses, electronic-only publications and other hard-to-find sources are included. Global Health has a growing number of full text articles (over 100,000) from journals, conferences, and reports.

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