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Who is allowed to borrow?
SUM students, SUM PhD students and University staff as well as other individuals (on special conditions - see the Terms and conditions of using Library § 4). To be allowed to borrow books you have to be registered at the SUM Library.

How can I register at the SUM Library?
You need: valid student ID, application form (filled in and signed) and student’s credit book (if issued by the University office). Than your student ID card become also your library card. Individuals who aren't SUM students receive library card (costs of issuing - see the Price list). When registering you provide a password used for logging in to library system/catalogue. The password must be changed when you first log into the system. The new password should consist of at least 8 characters and contain letters and numbers.

Can I register to the Library remotely, eg. from home?
A self-registration is possible via an online form. After sending it by the webpage, you have up to 7 days to activate the account in the selected library, bringing with you filled application form and your student ID.
Until full activation, you can not borrow books, but may place a hold on a book in the catalog.


How to borrow a book?
First you have to place a hold on a book (request it) in library online catalogue. Student ID is your login in the library system/catalogue and your password is set during registration at the Library. As you are logged in browse or search the needed book and request it to the selected SUM library. As soon as the book is ready for pick up you will be noticed about it by an email ( don’t forget to provide email address while registering at the Library). In most cases the book will by waiting for you in the selected library for 7 days.

What types of library materials may be borrowed?
Mostly books as well as other types. Journals issues are exceptions and aren't allowed to be borrowed! You may consult journals in the Library reading rooms.

How long is the loan period?
In the library system every book has its status which inform if the book may be borrowed and for how long. Most of the books are loaned for the period of month, semester or academic year.

How many books may I borrow?
University staff and SUM students may borrow up to 25 books and SUM PhD students up to 3 books. Other types of users see the Terms and conditions of using Library § 7.

Can I extend the loan period and how to do this?
In most cases renewal is possible. It will not be allowed if the book has been already requested by the other user. Renewing may be done by the library system/catalogue, personally in one of the SUM libraries or by phone.
To extend the loan period by use of library system/catalogue log in to your library account, go to My Library Card and click the number in Loans table. On the list of your loans click the position number. In the next window you will see the Renew option - if it is active you may renew the loan, otherwise it is not possible.

What happens if the book is not returned on time?
Fine of 0,50 PLN per day per book will be imposed. Library system generates an overdue email letter reminding you to return books on the second, tenth and twenty second day following the due date. Apart from the fine your library account will be blocked, which prevents from borrowing books.

How can I pay financial liabilities for the Library??
- quick payment: via the online payment system after logging into your account in the library system/catalogue;
- personally only in cash in one of the SUM libraries;
- bank transfer to the University bank account (contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). This method of payment can take even one and half month.

How may I check my library account?
By logging in to the library system/catalogue as well as in one of the SUM libraries.

Have you forgotten your password?
Call one of the SUM libraries and a temporary password will be sent to email address you have produced during registration at the Library. After logging to library system change your temporary password for permanent one. 

What happens after my circular is signed by the Library?
Library account is closed and removed from the library system. Since then you are allowed to consult library materials only in the reading rooms. You may also be register as other type of user.

Based on:
Terms and conditions of using Library of Medical University of Silesia in Katowice collection

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