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Library Week at the SUM Library, May 13th-17th, 2024

You're welcome to explore the exhibitions currently showcased in the building the SUM Main Library, 14 Warszawska Str., Katowice

Miniature book exhibition: Small is beautiful
Presents miniature books (under 10 cm) from the private collection of librarian Natalia Garasinska. The collection ranges in subject matter from frivolous epigrams to religious texts and includes both published items and books created by the owner.

Author: Natalia Garasińska
Exhibition format: books presented in the display case.
Localisation: SUM Main Library, 1st floor, reading room

A time machine - anatomical atlases of yesterday and today
It presents illustrations from various anatomical atlases, ranging from those printed in 1963 to contemporary publications. The exhibition illustrates the evolution of the techniques and tools used to create anatomical atlases over the last few decades.

Author: Ms Joanna Sowa
Exhibition format: graphics presented in the display case.
Localisation: SUM Main Library, 1st floor, reading room

A picture is worth a thousand words - history of medical illustration
Exhibition dedicated to the history of the relationship between the art of illustration and medicine almost from its very beginnings. The exhibition shows how medical illustration over the centuries has played a key role in conveying complex knowledge of anatomy, pathology and disease processes.

Authors: Aleksandra Guziałek, Justyna Kopiec, Justyna Seiffert
Exhibition format: 10 text and graphics boards in Polish.
Localisation: SUM Main Library, ground floor, lobby

Zapraszamy również codziennie na warsztaty:

Workshop Online anatomical atlases
The workshop includes the presentation of three virtual atlases: Neurosurgical Atlas (surgical techniques in neurosurgery, films, graphics and 3D imaging of the brain), Visible Body (3D models, diagnostic images, animations and interactive simulations of human biological processes) and Complete Anatomy (3D images, films and animations).
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SUM Main Library, 14 Warszawska Str., Katowice, 1st floor