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Library's objectives

The tasks of the Library include:

  1. organizing a workshop for scientific and didactic work of the University through the appropriate selection, collection, professional development, as well as through documentation and information activities, enabling the fastest access to the sought scientific sources,
  2. coordinating and supervising the system's activities in the field of organizational and personnel matters, collecting library collections and their development, general rules for using the library collections,
  3. conducting information and bibliographic activities and the unification of library techniques,
  4. education and professional development of employees,
  5. preparing University students to skillfully use library collections, which is necessary for their studies and, in the future, professional and scientific work,
  6. conducting training and lectures for students and doctoral students on the methodology of scientific work and scientific medical information,
  7. conducting internships for students of library and information science familiarizing them with the organization and techniques of work in a scientific library,
  8. conducting research and publishing on the history of medicine and pharmacy as well as library and information science, independently and in cooperation with other libraries and scientific information centres,
  9. conducting information activities within the framework of the departmental and national library and scientific information system.
  10. prowadzenie działalności informacyjnej w ramach resortowego i ogólnokrajowego systemu bibliotecznego i informacji naukowej.