Visit of a student from Turkey, Burcu Bilgin, as part of the Erasmus program.

włącz .

Zmiana rozmiaru tekstu:

I am so happy to be here. I liked Katowice so very much. Your library is very nice. Your library has different and interesting resources. Very good communication with users. I am learning new information here. I learned more about databases for example PubMed, Web of Science. Your library automation systems is useful and detailed. Website is very detailed. The users can find all information in website. You are doing your job seriously. I have visited
many places during my stay here.

I went to Gdansk. I think Gdansk is the most beautiful city in Poland. I went to Krakow with Kasia. Kasia is very good guide. Krakow is historical city. They are too many tourists in Krakow because Krakow touristic place. I have visited too many churches and synagogue in
Katowice. The churches were amazing. I went to Silesian museum last week. The Silesian Muzeum was amazing. I went to Nikiszowiec and Będzin. The people here are very helpful. I ate different dishes here for example Pierogi. The weather here is very variable. Sometimes very hot sometimes very cold. They are too many lakes and parks in Katowice. I love parks and lakes. They are more places to visit. I have very good time here. Thank you for inviting me.



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