Access to bibliometric tools InCites and SciVal

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Ministry of Science and Higher Education launched pilot access for 2018 to the following tools:

InCites - bibliometric module of Web of Science.   SciVal

SciVal - bibliometric module of Scopus.

InCites helps to:

  • identify and manage research activities and their impact,
  • benchmark and compare performance to peers,
  • promote internal and external partnerships and collaborations,
  • pdentify experts both inside and outside the organization,
  • promote areas of strength and specialization.

SciVal enables to:

  • visualize research performance,
  • benchmark relative to peers,
  • develop collaborative partnerships,
  • analyze research trends.

Services are available within the computer network of the University, as well as by the remote access (for academics) and by proxy server (for students).

Before the first use learn about the terms and conditions.

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