Dom Modernisty, March 11th, 2017, Guided tour

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On March 11th, 2017 SUM Library had the pleasure to host Dom Modernisty which is an initiative of fans of the pre-war architecture of Katowice. Dom Modernisty organizes walks, meetings and concerts aimed at showing the history of architecture as well as learning about the history of people who lived in Katowice in the interwar period.

Librarians Anna Tyczka and Justyna Seiffert told about the history of the Library building 14 Warszawska Str., Katowice and guided around the building.

The building was built in 1900 as a residential villa of Hugo Grünfeld, who was also its designer. During the '30s. the building was adapted to the needs of the Państwowy Bank Rolny and a few years later rebuilt according to a design by an architect Marian Lalewicz in the modernist style. Over the years the building was used by several other banks until 2001 when it became the property of SUM (the Silesian Medical Academy at that time). Initially it was the seat of the Rector of the University and in 2012 the Main Library was moved to the building.

Visitors from Dom Modernisty had the opportunity to see places usually inaccessible to library clients like a safe deposit room, servants’ house and stacks in the basement.

We encourage you to look at the pictures from the event which are available on our website and on the Facebook profile of Dom Modernisty.

Author of the photos: Dorota Paruzel.