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SUM Library kindly informs that, according to internal procedures of SUM University, services which are paid from sponsor account, grants, statutory funds needs request form. Request form in Polish - Directive no 150/2012.
Statutory funds number and budget allocated to Library services should be provided in the form (services available: photocopies, printouts, papers requests domestic and from abroad)

Photocopies of papers from libraries outside SUM Library may be requested only by SUM faculty staff and SUM hospitals staff.

SUM Main Library in Katowice
Circulation Department
Phone +48 32 208 35 62


SUM staff with own research funds or  statutory funds  may request:

1. From libraries and institutions outside SUM Library

Charges may vary:
0,40 PLN to 1,50 PLN (shipping not included)

2. Abroad in SUBITO system

Charge per paper (1-20 pages) ranges from 6 to 30 EUR. Prior the request in SUBITO SUM Library asks for pricing for specific paper and is informed about the eventual price.

Papers photocopies of journals subscribed by the SUM Library may be requested directly in Main Library or in SUM Branch Libraries.
All users may individually request photocopies directly in the Central Medical Library in Warsaw (terms and conditions and pricing).

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