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Librarian assisted search is available ONLY for Polish speaking users. 

The service is provided in the presence of user after prior appointment by phone: +48 32 208 35 20.

Notice! Groups are kindly asked to reserve date individually for singular person.

Librarian assisted searching for literature in the SUM Main Library

The service consist in preparing citations list (bibliography) from databases on selected topic. It is addressed to individuals who write a thesis (bachelor, master, doctoral) or preparing scientific publication. Service includes SUM students and staff as well as other types of users (i.e. students from other universities, physicians, nurses).

The core databases searched during the service realisation are:

  1. Polska Bibliografia Lekarska (Polish Medical Bibliography) – bibliographic database in Polish, it includes mainly citations from Poli sh medical journals, books, doctoral theses and conference proceedings,
  2. Medline - bibliographic database of life sciences and biomedical information, it includes bibliographic information for articles from academic journals (wide range of US  journals),
  3. Embase - bibliographic database of biomedical and pharmacological information, , it includes bibliographic information for articles from academic journals (wide range of European journals).

Tips for individuals who want to use the service

  1. The user takes part in databases search due to the need of precise defining the topic.
  2. On the appointed day the user shows up in the Library and produces the topic.
  3. Librarian in the presence of the user searches selected databases and gives instruction on how to read the descriptions, browse and select them. Bibliographic databases contains only bibliographic descriptions (citations) and alternatively abstracts
  4. User than unassisted  browses and selects citations in the database.
  5. As a result of the service user is given a print list of selected citations (bibliography). The list may contain citations in a form of short descriptions (basic bibliographic information) or full descriptions (with abstract).  For the further searching of publication  full text short description is sufficient.

Full text of publication available in electronic version

Provided that Library has access to e-version of the publication user will be allowed to save it on the pen-drive or sent it by e-mail. Print copy of e-version is possible to obtain also (0,13 PLN per page).

Full text of publication available only in print version

User may browse print version in reading room and/or order photocopies. Photocopying prices – see Price list

  • Ordering photocopies user should prepare printed list of citations and  cut it into stripes (one citation on one stripe). All stripes must be signed with user name  and call number of the journal.
  • The pickup of ordered photocopies takes place in the term appointed by the Library.


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