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SUM Main Library in Katowice
14 Warszawska Str.
40-006 Katowice

Bibliography and Documentation Department:

  1. collects bibliographical data documenting researchers' scientific production during their employment at the SUM Medical University. Data is collected in the databases SUM Faculty Publications (in Polish)
    Databases completing process consists of:
    1. introducing new bibliographic descriptions of publications on the basis of: copies of scientific articles produced by researchers, browsing the contents of currently subscribed journals, custom PubMed RSS feeds informing about new publications affiliated to the SUM Medical University,
    2. updating names and SUM units indexes, as well as indexes of: titles, journals abbreviations, researchers currently employed in the SUM Medical University, Impact Factor scores and Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education scores,
    3. assigning correct scores to each type of publication in accordance with applicable regulations,
    4. sending annual query to all University units with request for publications that have to be add to SUM Faculty Publications Database,
    5. completing data required by legal acts related to the parameterization of units and reporting of scientific achievements,
  2. performs citation analysis on the basis of the Web of Science and Scopus databases, verifies the content of profiles, reports needed corrections of bibliographic descriptions, as well as missing publications or citations in the mentioned databases,
  3. provide scientific output confirmations of the SUM University researchers and PhD students for the purpose of units evaluation, University schools accreditation, individual requests (i.e. qualification procedure for specialization),
  4. regularly reports data about SUM Medical University researchers, scientific production in the database Polska Bibliografia Naukowa,
  5. current documenting of the SUM Medical University activities and achievements:
    1. creating and updating biographies of professors of the SUM Medical University in the database: Professors currently employed in the SUM Medical University (in Polish),
    2. presenting the list of doctors honoris causa for the SUM Medical University researchers in the database:  Doctor Honoris causa titles for the SUM Medical University researchers (in Polish) and the list researchers outside SUM to whom the SUM Medical University granted the title of doctor honoris causa in the database SUM Medical University doctors honoris causa (in Polish),
    3. leading the timeline of the SUM Medical University since its beginning in 1948,
    4. publication of doctoral and habilitation theses catalogue which were created in SUM Medical University (former SAM Medical Academy) Volume I – doctoral theses (in Polish)Volume II – habilitations (in Polish),
  6. collects, organizes and stores information sources in history of medicine and pharmacy on the Upper Silesia and creates the database History of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Upper Silesia Documentation Centre (in Polish).
  7. qualifies and recommends the SUM Library resources for digitalization and places them in the Silesian Digital Library.

2nd floor, rooms 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
bibliography and bibliometry:
room 3.2
Ms Wioletta Dyjas, MA; Department Head
Mr Marek Halkiewicz, MA
Phone: +48 32 208 35 66
room 3.1

Ms Maria Guziel
Ms Klaudia Kępska, MA
Ms Daria Mermel, MA
 Phone: +48 32 208 36 22

room 3.1
Ms Marzena Malajka, MA
Phone: +48 32 208 36 17
Mr Marek Halkiewicz, MA
Phone: +48 32 208 35 66

2nd floor, room 3.5
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mr Paweł Bojko, PhD
Phone: +48 208 36 21
Ms Justyna Czepowska, MA
Phone: +48 208 35 52
Ms Anna Turtiak, MA
Phone: +48 208 36 22

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