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SUM Main Library in Katowice
14 Warszawska Str.
40-006 Katowice

Circulation Department:

  1. registers users in the SUM Library system, issues library cards, leads users register,
  2. provides catalogue and bibliographic information personally, by phone or by email,
  3. provides collection on-site in reading rooms, 
  4. helps in the use of the Library catalogue, 
  5. helps in the use of self-service devices, which enables photocopying, scanning and printing,
  6. fills readers orders or other libraries orders for copies of the Library materials,
  7. operates as interlibrary loan unit - borrows items in other libraries for readers and provides them in the SUM Library reading rooms,  
  8. handles readers financial commitments connected with lost items or damaged items,
  9. confirms the settlement with the Library on the circulars of students and faculty,
  10. handles correct location of the Library collection items and keeps order on shelves in reading rooms and closed stacks,
  11. is responsible for library material preservation (incl. conservation),

 Information Services Desk (computers room)

  1. provides help in using of databases and other e-resources,
  2. leads workshops and training in the field of scientific information,
  3. provides information on the use of the Springer open publishing program (2019-2021) and accepts / verifies affiliations of scientists in articles published by Springer,
  4. prepares, on request of the readers, custom lists containing Impact Factor journals,
  5. fills readers orders or other libraries orders for copies of library materials,
  6. updates information in PubMed about the SUM Library journals collection and its chronological range, which provides readers with information about the current Library subscription both print and online,
  7. provides the Library website with Polish E-journals Catalogue,
  8. provides the Library website with the list of websites connected with medicine,
  9. implements information about the Library subscription in AtoZ list of e-journals,
  10. prepares leaflets designed to help students and faculty in self-exploration of e-resources available in the SUM Library,
  11. sends to students and the faculty a newsletter with information about new databases and trial accesses on the Library website,
  12. creates and updates the SUM Library website,
  13. prepares database usage statistics reports,
  14. conducts an annual reader satisfaction survey.


Reading Rooms and Interlibrary Loans

Ms Mirela Szczepańczyk MA, Ms Ewa Waszut MA, Mr Emil Majdak MA
Ms Martyna Król MA, Ms Aleksandra Wąchalska MA
ground and 1st floor, rooms 1.20 and 2.11
Phone: +48 32 208 35 62, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information Services (Computer Room)
Ms Monika Pająk, MA in Chemistry, BA in Public Health, Department Head
Ms Weronika Zięba MA (absent)
1st floor, rooms 2.1-2.3,
Phone: +48 32 208 35 20, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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